Business Etiquette & International Protocol Seminar

It’s a one of a kind national event that was delivered with a team of international experts from UNITAR & Diwan Al Emiri. The event was well attended by top dignitaries turning it into a success. Working in a diverse, multicultural environment can be difficult and challenging, as a result we sought to create the business Etiquette & international protocol seminar to promote effective communication with different people in different languages and from different cultures. The seminar laid out the practical set of rules that when learned, save time otherwise wasted on deciding what is and isn’t proper.


Alice Hecht – Former Chief of Protocol of the UN and the Protocol Adviser of UNITAR:

Ms. Alice Hecht is the Protocol Adviser, at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), and an experienced trainer on the development of e-learning courses and seminars on protocol in multilateral organizations and their impact in the conduct of international negotiations.

As Chief of Protocol in the United Nations, Ms. Hecht was the key interlocutor between the United Nations and Heads of States, Governments and Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the 193 Member States and other international luminaries on their participation to international summits and conferences. She was responsible for all aspects of the coordination of their visits and meetings with the Secretary-General. During the course of her assignment, Ms. Hecht organized the attendance of high-level visitors to the United Nations for events specially held in their honor such as the visit of the King of Saudi Arabia in November 2008.

Her duties included organizing of the annual Heads of State dinner hosted by the Secretary-General of the United Nations. The event is attended by some 230 Royals, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ambassadors to the United Nations.

Bertrand Leuba – Owner & Founder, Etiquette-Masters Co.             

Bertrand specializes in Etiquette & Protocol training for F & B services, hospitality, Guest Relations, Swiss Hostelry techniques,  and standards of refinement, training programs development for Governmental & Private sectors Corporate and international Companies.

Ibrahim Saber – Certified Media Expert

Mr. Saber’s professional career involved working for Al Jazeera News Channel, Abu Dhabi TV, and the Associated Press News Agency, in addition to being a Production Manager for the Middle East Norwegian television.

He is currently a lecturer in the Art of Filmmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University – Qatar, and a coach in the Qatar News Agency. Mr. Saber is a graduate of the Higher Diploma in the Arts of Television Production as well as the Dutch Academy for Media and Friedrich Ebert Foundation for Arts of Television Production. He also holds a degree in Media Coverage of the Hazardous Areas from the British SAS.

Mr. Saber’s works have earned him several certificates of appreciation from the countries in which he worked; along with special honors and awards such as a Certificate of Appreciation from HH Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned.

Rima Arab – Certified Business Etiquette & International Protocol Consultant

Ms. Arab is a certified business etiquette and international protocol consultant from the European School of Protocol.  She is certified in UN protocol from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research and is a certified trainer in customer service consultancy, soft skills, emotional intelligence and sales. She has worked and volunteered in both government and private organizations in Canada, Kuwait and Qatar.


Day One –  Business Etiquette “The Key to Success”:

Introductions & Communications in Business. Speaker: Mr. Bertrand Leuba

Define & Understand Business Etiquette

Make a Great First impression 

  • Effective introduction
  • Understanding the precedence in business
  • Remembering the names
  • Business card protocol

Communication Verbal & Non Verbal 

  • Body language
  • Meetings- Dos & Donts

Relationship Management (networking) 

Telephone, mobile and email etiquette 

International etiquette

Cross cultural communication 

Professional Dress Code



Day Two –  International Protocol: 

International Protocol – The Importance of Protocol in Building Relationships with Dignitaries and VIPs in the Private and Public Sectors. Speakers: Ms. Alice Hecht & Mr. Ibrahim Al Malki


Protocol in a multilateral World 

Protocol in social occasions 

  • Reception Line
  • Invitations
  • Diplomatic interaction
  • Verbal diplomacy

Seating Plan protocol 

Local Protocol



Day three: 

Handling the Media, Applying Protocol & Etiquette in Real-Life, and Dining Etiquette – Valuable Guidelines on How to Carry Yourself in Front of a Camera and at an International Luncheon. Speakers: Mr. Ibrahim Saber & Ms. Rima Arab & Mr. Bertrand Leuba

  • Handling the Media (TV & Stage)
  • Projecting elegance and self-confidence
  • Best professional way to sit down and walk
  • Positive Body Language
  • What to wear and what Not to wear
  • How to receive a certificate or a trophy
  • How to present one’s self with elegance
  • The best way to pause for the photo

International Etiquette & Protocol in Real life Situations 

International Business Luncheon 

  • Table setting
  • What not to do
  • Tipping
  • Fine points in table manners