Consulting and advisory services support in creation of new technology concepts for your business and support in implementation of innovative solutions for the internal or external customers of your business.

“I want to create a new solution for customer service that saves money and that’s completely automated”

“I want to explore a new market to expand my business, what technology can I use to make me better than my compeition?”

“ I have an idea for a new business, how can I bring it to life?”

“I want to redesign my website, product or service to bring more money to the company”

We partner with you to take what you already have or know and build on it to achieve your targets. We have a team of experts that can advise you on how to improve your process, create new concepts, bring new technologies or even create your custom solution that will help you grow and excel.


Problem: stimulate the technical and non-technical employees across the organization to generate new concepts for expansion of the business in a new area.


  • To help employees from non-technical backgrounds use their business knowledge and work experience in creating technology solutions in the new space.
  • What support to offer the employees to guarantee not only ideas but well thought of concepts and prototypes that can be taken to commercialization
  • Engage and encourage the employees to sign up to the event and stay through the three days

Our Solution:

We created a custom three day program “Hackathon” – Concept creation and prototyping program-. We’ve provided business tools, prototyping tools, technology mentors and materials, business mentors and custom program to take them from idea brainstorming to team forming all the way through business case building and prototyping of their concepts.


user  21 participants calender   3 days of innovation star  3 winning concepts idea   20 innovative ideas


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