Shoura Business Group is Qatari service and consulting company established in 2012. Our aim is to help our clients define and solve problems to achieve success now and in the future.


We don’t just stop the leak and make it pretty! We look into the cause and solve the root of the problem once and for all. We combine the best of management and technology tools and talents to help you through unique solutions that are innovative, cutting edge and demand driven.


Najat AbdulRaheem, CEO

Najat has vast experience in Strategy & Innovation, Customer Services, and ICT. She combines entrepreneurial passion with business management skills to drive results. She has successfully completed a number of qualifications such as current and future executive Qatari leader program through QLC and a wide range of Harvard Business School, HEC, MIT qualifications covering a range of topics from Leading Innovation & strategy to Financial Management. Najat has been selected as a Sector Chief in the Qatar MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program by QSTP. In addition, She holds a Master’s degree in Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management from Long Island University, USA.


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